The firm has offices across the following locations in Maharashtra:

Admirable Business Care Pvt. Ltd. is a firm of professionals who are Chartered Accountants by education and entrepreneurship has been their passion. The management consulting team offers specialized audit and process re-engineering services to MSMEs, which helps their clients enhance their operational efficiency, and directly impact their profitability, making them ultra-successful in their industry.

PLuG (Process, Linearity, ultimate Growth) is their flagship product designed for small and medium enterprises, and covers the whole range of management and internal audits. With a razor-sharp eye-for-the-detail, the firm has helped entrepreneurs across various industries to control their costs, improve their bottom-line and scale up.


Core Purpose

Making Client Businesses Efficient & Profitable.

Vision 2030

To acquire 100 MNCs as clients for conducting MANAGEMENT & INTERNAL AUDITS,
and have international presence.

Core Values


We follow fair business practices


We work with client-first attitude


We fulfil our promises to our clients


We simplify the decision-making process


We take full responsibility for the work we undertake


Conducting critical checks & audits Establishing resilient systems and Adding value to client
businesses globally, thereby improving their efficiency and profitability.


CA Rahul Garje

Chief Consultant
A Chartered Accountant, Business Strategist and Business Process Expert, Rahul has helped several MSMEs, SMEs improve their profitability through his in-depth understanding of various business domains.

Tukaram Garad

Tukaram is the director at Admirable Business Care, and specialises in Audits, Compliances and Business Services. He is one of the first few entrepreneurs trained and groomed by Rahul.

CA Om Untawale

Partner (RO & Associates)
Om is a chartered accountant, and practices under the banner of RO & Associate which is a partnership firm along with Rahul Garje and Bharat Deshmukh.

Advocate Bharat Deshmukh

Partner (RO & Associates)
Bharat Deshmukh is a senior advocate and an associate partner at RO & Associates, with more than 20 years of work experience in the field.

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